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Time for Siesta...Puerto Vallarta

They say that paradise is a state of mind.

We think it can also be a place.

We believe Puerto Vallarta qualifies for this high distinction.

Puerto Vallarta offers amenities and attractions not readily available in any other part of Mexico and perhaps not in the world. Weather hovers in the mid 80's (30ºC) for much of "high season," giving way to rainy summer season from late June to early October. Some folks even prefer those months, delighting in the electrical storms that produce an orchestra of lightning that dances throughout the sky. Then, it's back to those glorious sunsets that attract visitors to every balcony and rooftop across the town. As the sun sinks, everyone waits to see if the proverbial "green flash" will be visible. For those content to walk established paths, there are many tour options:  hiking, sports fishing, golf,  whale watching, Atv, jungles and restaurants galore.

Located on the Western Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta's charm remains largely undiscovered.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, and Vallarta's weather can be described as tropically perfect. The weather in Puerto Vallarta is astonishingly nice boasting 322 days of sunshine each year, with warm and sunny days and cool and comfortable nights.

During the winter, temperatures in Puerto Vallarta range from the low to mid 80's during the day with nighttime temperatures ranging from 60-70° F.

Summertime, from June to October, is Vallarta's rainy season with temperatures ranging from the mid 80's to low 90's. Sure it's warm, but afternoon rain showers
cool things off and the delightful ocean is just steps away. Vallarta's protected location on Banderas Bay gives PV an excellent climate for vacationing or year-round living.

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